Electro Antiperspirant Review You Must Read

If you have a problem with excess perspiration and don't like using aerosols loaded with chemicals, this electro antiperspirant review will interest you!

It's a must read article that takes a look at this marvellous invention that thousands of people are already using for treating hyperhidrosis to successfully reduce the amount of perspiration their bodies produce... and you can too!

The Problem of Excess Sweating

eliminate the stress of excess sweatingIf you have a problem where you sweat excessively compared to other people around you, it can become embarrassing and make you feel like an outsider. We tend to sweat more in certain areas of the body, such as under our arms, between our legs, our hands and our feet.

You probably know the feeling of trying to withdraw inside of yourself because you don't want anyone else to look at you. You don't want them to see all that sweat staining your clothes and leaving ugly moisture patches under your arms.

Perhaps you feel you have to hide your hands because they are so sweaty you're sure someone will notice and not trust you. And you wear anti-odour in-soles in your shoes to try and stop them smelling but all the while you can feel your feet squishing around in soaking wet shoes!

Perhaps you use a roll-on or aerosol antiperspirant or deodorant combo but find that every one you ever tried just doesn't work for long enough. Or they work for an hour or so but by the time you get to work, you're already sweating and your clothes are already starting to get wet and unsightly.

Well you don't have to suffer any more! This new, electronic anti-sweating device is here and on sale to bring an end to your embarrassment and discomfort for ever!

First of all, what is this device and what does it claim to be able to do for you?

What is an Electro Antiperspirant?

This is an electronic device that has been developed to significantly reduce the amount of perspiration that your body produces. It does this without the need for sprays or roll-ons that contain potentially harmful chemicals.

It is a chemical-free solution to excess sweating that almost anyone can use!

The makers claim that this device can prevent unwanted sweating in any part of the body. It is the first and only complete solution in the world that makers claim has clinically proven efficacy in 100% of people who use it.

Electro Antiperspirant deals effectively with excess sweating, which is an illness that concerns tens of millions of people worldwide. The existing methods of treatment cannot and have not ever offered such a high efficiency as that offered by this miraculous product.

How to Use Electro Antiperspirant

Below is an explanatory video by the manufacturer of this device that shows you exactly how to use it for maximum results in dramatically reducing your own personal level of sweating down to below average levels. You can watch it right here on this page, in fact!

Just click the start arrow in the video panel and it will load and play for you:

Now that you have watched the video explaining how the product works, you are probably curious to find out how to buy one for yourself.

Where Can You Buy the Electro Antiperspirant?

Currently the only way to purchase this device is to get it online from the official maker's website. They offer their product exclusively at an affordable price that makes it excellent value for users.

NOTE: (September 2021) I have recently discovered the product is not available for the time being. I will update this page when it is available again.

Additional Info on this Iontophoresis Machine

The guidebook that is included with the device can help you to tune the settings to suit your personal circumstances if you have the necessary information. Alternatively, you can simply use the presets, especially in the early stages as you grow accustomed to using the device and gain experience in what works best for you.

You can manually adjust the settings of the iontophoresis machine using the front panel. This enables you to change the settings to match your personal preferences or doctor recommended settings. You may find this especially handy if your doctor suggests you use a specific level of treatment for a particular area.

Treating Different Body Areas

Different areas of the body can be treated with one of the several different attachments that are available for this device. This makes it especially flexible for different areas of hyperhidrosis.

Each of the attachments are specifically designed with differing length of cables, varying size pads and different levels of pad stickiness. The most commonly used adapters are included with the device and there are several others that can be obtained separately.

Adapters Included with the Device:
Adapters Available Separately:

Doctor Endorsed

Many doctors have provided their approval to the Electro Antiperspirant Elite by actively endorsing its use in hyperhidrosis patients. The company publicly displays three letters of endorsement from doctors on their website for visitors to see.

These endorsements state the length of time the devices have been in use for as well as how long the positive effects last. This adds credibility to a product that can bring dramatic changes to sufferers of hyperhidrosis with confirmation by medical professional after field use of the device.

If you are seriously searching for a high-tech iontophoresis machine to treat excessive sweating anywhere on your body, the Elite device is a great performer. The manufacturer's website lists testimonials from users to back it up as well as clinical study presented on video by a doctor.

All in all, this is an option well worth considering to help you find relief from extreme perspiration problems where other treatments may have failed.

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