Personal Hygiene

An area of health that is sometimes overlooked when we think of a healthy body is the personal hygiene aspect, which is focused on here in this section of the website.

I'll be looking at a variety of ways in which maintaining a good level of hygiene can positively affect the overall healthiness of a body from both the physical and mental aspects.

washing handsFor many decades, it has been known that keeping the body clean is helpful to averting certain debilitating conditions and helping to prevent a number of unwanted bacteria from entering the body.

This can happen via the various areas of ingress which are the mouth, eyes, nose, ears, genitalia and anus as well as any wounds that may occur to create a way in through the skin

Keeping Clean

The basic way we maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene is to simply keep ourselves clean by showering or bathing daily and washing our hands after exposing them to dirt through the jobs we do or after going to the toilet.

For generally keeping ourselves clean, this is sufficient. Of course, regularly washing our hands with soap helps to reduce the potential spread of contagious diseases such as the common cold and other viruses as well as bacterial infections.

But there are more ways to stay clean and further reduce the potential for spreading disease to others or allowing it to invade our own bodies.

Using Products

Alcohol wipes are useful for killing unwanted germs on hands that can remain after normal washing with soap and water. We use antiperspirants and deodorants to reduce excessive sweating and the typical human odour we produce as a result.

There are products that can help related issues such as with respiratory health, help with preventing the appearance of aging and of course numerous diet products to help with overall health and diet meal delivery programs to help with weight maintenance.

There are products to reduce or eliminate foot odour and reduce the moisture that can get between toes and lead to fungal conditions such as athlete's foot. There are more products to moisturize skin on the face, hands and other areas of the body to help reduce problems that can be caused by very dry and cracking skin.

Then we have eye washes and eye baths to keep our eyes looking bright and healthy, hair treatments to keep our hair clean and looking nice and all manner of beauty products that women and men use daily to help then look good and create a psychologically positive effect by feeling good.

So there are some of the areas this section of the site will be dealing with and where appropriate, we will offer or recommend certain products that can aid in the various different areas of personal hygiene, promoting a healthy body from the outside in and helping to maintain a positive mental attitude through raised self esteem that looking and feeling good creates.

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