The subject of nutrition is one that everybody should be taught at school in the right way and with the facts that can help everybody to grow and live healthily and with greatly reduced risk of disease and ill health.

Unfortunately, this is not currently the case. Nor has it been going back many decades in our history.

This could provide a clue as to why such a large percentage of the population is overweight and in poor health despite all the readily available information on the Internet.

Since the main topics of this website is health, diet and fitness, it stands to reason it should include a sizeable chapter on nutrition. Here it is!

What is in Your Food?

what's in your foodThe story starts for most people when they start to get curious about just exactly what is in the food they're eating. Some begin the journey of discovery and as the truth unravels before their eyes, the realization dawns on them that all is not what it seems.

Of course, most don't even bother. They place their trust in their caring, sharing government health department and go back to watching their TVs or whiling (or should I say wasting?) away the hours on social media on their phones and tablets.

Of the minority that begin the journey, few get very far. The truth can be too hard to handle for most.

But what is the truth?

What does that nice looking package of food with the picture of the healthy looking, smiling family on the front actually contain? How healthy is it really?

The truth is devastating.

Almost all food that comes in a packet, can, jar or other nicely presented packaging contains a payload of artificial additives, preservatives and anything but healthy ingredients.

Are you still with me? Or are you returning to your denial and your nice fluffy kitten videos on Facebook or whatever?

The Devastating Truth About Food

Nobody said this journey of discovery was going to be much fun.

truth about foodNot unless you define fun as seeing how completely you have been deceived by the food industry and that caring government you trusted so completely.

The food that the vast majority of people are eating from processed meals and food ingredients to takeaways, desserts and snacks contains substances that are not only unhealthy, but can actually cause ill health.

Such as added sugar or sugar substitutes such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), monosodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives and artificial flavorings (the list is a lot longer and scarier).

Are you still with me?

At this point, most people will be thinking that this is maybe just another dreamed up rant by a nutcase or conspiracy theorist lunatic and go back to Facebook (where the truth is of course always transmitted -- that's sarcasm by the way).

That's how the people in authority make sure the majority of people (or shall I call them sheeple) stay in line and keep eating what they're told and don't rock this particular boat.

That's also part of the devastating truth about not only food, but a whole load of other health-related and life-related things.

But I'm not going down that rabbit hole. Suffice it to say I'm one of the people that woke up to the lies that I was being fed by the media and the realization that they were indeed "lies, damn lies and statistics."

What is Healthy to Eat?

If most everything we've been told by the authorities and the media about food and health are lies, you may be wondering what in this world IS healthy to eat!

food that is heathy to eatI can help you there. The answer is more simple than you might expect.

Thankfully you can still buy fresh, wholesome foods in stores and at markets and farm stores to build healthy meals. This is the answer.

Food that does NOT come in nice sanitized packaging that you need to wash and peel or otherwise prepare and cook for yourself at home just like your grandmother used to make -- that is what's healthy.

You don't need to become a vegetarian or vegan if you don't want to, although there are some additional benefits to leaning in that direction.

If you want to eat meat, you should go to a butcher that sells meat from grass fed livestock, preferably reared on an organic farm.


Most farmed meat from cattle, sheep, pigs etc are fed "farm animal feed" which is not completely plant-based. These animals are herbivores or vegetarians if you like. Why do we feed them animal feed that contains animal-based protein?

Because it produces bigger profits to keep them penned up and force-fed food that makes them grow faster with added growth hormones and antibiotics.

Allowing cattle to graze in open fields is more expensive and labor intensive. Most farmers can't afford to farm in that way any more.

Organic farmers on the other hand are not driven to the wall by huge supermarket chains. They can charge a fair price for their produce and make a profit based on real costs and return dictated by supply and demand.

They are the good guys in this woeful tale of human misery. If you can source your food from a local organic farmer, great! Do it!

Cheerfully pay the higher price because it's a price worth paying for your and your family's long term health.

What is Not Healthy to Eat?

That's easy when you know what's what. I do and I learned it from the huge information resources that are freely available. You can too.

food that is unhealthy to eatDo not eat any processed food, anything that comes in packaging that when you read the list of ingredients it has anything other than the actual "food" printed on there.

That would be a truly amazing find, by the way. Almost like finding a diamond in the rough.

Do read the list of ingredients on anything you are considering buying. If it has an "E" number, or a chemical name or for that matter anything that is not a meat or fish product, vegetable, herb, spice or anything you know is actually edible -- put it back on the shelf.

Go pick up a carrot and try and find the list of ingredients on that. If it's a bunch of carrots in a package, and it says anything other than "carrots" don't buy it!

Now that might sound a little flippant. Sure, sometimes I like to amuse myself at the craziness of it all sometimes.

But there's the truth (or at least part of it). If the carrots are organic, all the better.

What Gets On Your Food?

If not, you may be buying a product that has been raised in a field sprayed with a cocktail of chemicals to kill insects, bugs, fungi, weeds (and ultimately, human beings is my opinion).

Intensively farmed produce contains pesticide residue no matter what the "experts" tell lies to the contrary. Pesticides and other farm-sprayed chemicals are harmful to human health. Period.

Don't you ever wonder why our population's obesity rate is growing along with the terrifying rise in cases of cancer?

Don't you ever question what these chemicals are doing to your body?

Why the hell not?

You should question everything. You have a brain. What do you think that brain is for?

Don't you realize you are the highest form of life on this planet? You have been gifted with mental faculties incuding the power of thought, reason, logic and curiosity and the capacity to learn.

Use it!

At this point, I'm going to stop telling you what you should be doing rather than allowing yourself to be gently led by the media that soaks your brain every day.

Some call it brainwashing and I agree.

I'm going to hand over this subject to the guy below for around 50 minutes. After that you can choose whether or not you wish to extend your knowledge and use that brain of yours to learn more about what you are eating and what you should be eating for better health in the long term.

Below is a well made and nicely explained video on nutrition and how learning about it and making it a part of your life can have amazing health benefits that may surprise you:

Learn More

But don't just stop here. There is a huge amount to learn. To that end, I'm compiling a set of informative articles to cover many aspects of this vast and fascinating subject.

The more you know, the better you can be! Check out the titles below:

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