Nutrisystem Reviews Pros and Cons 2022

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Using one of the most successful and popular weight loss diet programs in the country today, you can easily lose those excess pounds with practically NO EFFORT!Nutrisystem diet

How much is having a great looking figure worth to you?

How much is being able to wear nice, comfortable, stylish clothes worth to you?

What if you could simply put in an order and have all your specially prepared diet meals delivered to your door.

Imagine... sitting down to a great tasting meal, three times each day that you didn't have to prepare or cook yourself. And losing weight.

It would be like having your own key to the doorway to freedom.

The problem is finding that kind of diet program. One that's affordable and comes highly recommended by thousands of satisfied customers.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with the right diet plan, you can now have -- at the click of a mouse -- the right diet.

A diet that fulfills all your requirements to lose weight while being easy to use with an interesting and varied menu that you'll never get bored with.

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nutrisystem reviews 2022

No matter how much weight you need to lose or how difficult you found previous diets, with Nutrisystem you really can lose weight easily and with very little effort on your part to have great success.

Whether you're a busy person working long hours or a busy mom with a family to look after or even someone who simply has little time to devote to working on a conventional diet plan -- the simplicity of a Nutrisystem diet means you DO have a solution to your weight problem.

Nutrisystem can help you to realize your dream of becoming slim and gaining that slim figure you always wanted thanks to these great benefits:

You choose the plan that best suits your individual needs, from plans for men, women, vegetarians, diabetics etc. Then you can customize your diet plan further to suit your personal tastes and preferences. You choose which meals you want to eat and which you don't want from the huge menu of around 180 different dishes.

Ordering is simple from the official Nutrisystem website and once you pay for your order, the shipment is dispatched and in a few days you will be taking delivery of the diet that will change your life for the better!

You have access to full customer support staff who can help you with any questions you may have about the diet. Professional counsellors are on-call to help you with any issues over your weight and individual problems and it's all free once you sign up.

Do you want to get started today? Click the image below and take advantage of their latest special offer so you save even more when you sign up with Nutrisystem!

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Imagine all the weight you could really lose with this simple, yet effective diet program!

Click the promotional image above if you want to know more about this great dieting program. It has helped countless thousands of satisfied dieters to achieve their own personal slimming goals. What follows are several observations, ideas and helpful tips to getting the most from this incredible program.

Latest Nutrisystem Diet News for 2022

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How to Get More from the Nutrisystem Diet

There is no great secret to slimming with a simple and convenient diet plan such as Nutrisystem can provide for you. It's very easy to follow and about as convenient as they come. So how do you take what you have and get more from it?

Well, it is possible to improve on your success with the Nutrisystem plan of your choice. It just means you have to put in a little extra effort to get out a lot more in terms of pounds lost by the end of the four week period.

But that doesn't mean you have to work hard, just work smart! Here are a few tips that you can use to maximize the already excellent diet.


To begin with, it will help you enormously if you can do some moderate daily exercise, even if it's something as simple as going for a long, fairly brisk walk in the fresh air. This will boost your metabolism so you are able to burn more fat and lose more of those unwanted excess pounds.

Drink Water

Nutrisystem: drink waterYou can also help the diet itself along by drinking a glass or two of plain water before each meal. This will help your digestion work better and you'll feel fuller after eating. You can also slow things down by eating more slowly and avoiding distractions.

No Distractions While Eating

It has been proved that distractions like the TV, or reading a magazine can make us eat faster because we're not concentrating on the meal. Put your fork down in between bites and focus your attention on your meal and you will digest it better, thereby storing less fat and losing more weight!

Pros and Cons

There are of course certain pros and cons that come with every kind of dieting program and Nutrisystem is no different. So let's take a look at these plus and minus points that make this program one of the best around:



Do What You Have to Do to Succeed

When you sign up for a program like this that you have researched and come to the decision that it is the right one for you and your personal needs, then the next stage is to do everything that you can to ensure that you get the most benefit from it. Nutrisystem successA big part of that comes from doing whatever it takes to improve your chances of succeeding.

You do that by thinking about what additional activities and strategies you can employ to really make the most of the program you are putting yourself on.

One such popular choice for a huge number of people on the Nutrisystem diet is to add a lot of leafy green vegetables to the main meals. This is not just to bulk them out, but to add a highly nutritional side that actually helps the fat burning process.

You are probably already very aware that many dieters opt for this program because of its sheer convenience and time saving aspects. This is of course perfect if your life is a busy one and you do not have very much time to spare that you would want to devote to working with a traditional diet, but adding a few grocery items such as these actually doesn't take much of your time.

Devote More Time to Succeeding

Another aspect of this benefit is that it frees more of the time you do have spare to put to better use in improving your chances of losing the greatest amount of weight that you can. If you really want to par it down to its most basic, there is not even any need to do any shopping for food because all your meals are delivered to you at home, which also means that there is no food preparation needed by you.

That means instead of being confined to the kitchen preparing and cooking a special diet meal and counting the calories every day, you can be using that time getting some exercise. This makes it the perfect diet for many people and you may well be included in that. It's a great way to easily lose weight and gain an improvement in physical health too!

Why Reading this Review Will Help You Lose Weight

There are two ways to approach a convenient and simple diet plan such as one of those provided by this popular and highly regarded diet company.

  1. Like many people, you could decide to sign up on the strength of a TV ad you saw, or an ad in a magazine or on a website
  2. You can do some serious research and read up on the pros and cons of the particular diet plan you are thinking about trying before you sign up for it. Like reading this review of the program before committing yourself to signing up for it.

It stands to reason that when you take the time to read a good review like this that you'll find online, then you will be more informed as to what it is you are actually getting into. This is far preferable than just blindly signing up because an advertisement sold you on the idea.

In fact, being in possession of more information than a mere ad would give you can actually help you to lose more weight when you do decide to sign up and go for it.

The reason for this is pretty simple.

When people just sign up on the strength of a TV ad, they're more likely going to find faults the ads didn't tell them about. That can lead to a build-up of resentment with the diet plan and they lose interest and drop it, going on to complain loudly that they were sold something that wasn't what they thought it would be!

However, when you do some research beforehand, you are made aware of any disadvantages of the system that most advertisements will gloss over for fear of putting people off. When you know what to expect and are still comfortable to sign up, then you are far more likely to work harder to ensure you succeed with it.

That means you will see it through to the end, lose more weight from the diet and become one more successful, satisfied and happy customer!

So now you know a few things that most dieters are unaware of when it comes to winning with this great dieting system. Try these tips out for yourself and see how they work for you!

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Just imagine how easy it's going to be...!


Below you will find some customer reviews and reactions to the Nutrisystem diet plans. A further reading resource recommended for its in-depth coverage of all aspects of the diet plans can be found here in this "Nutrisystem Reviews: 2022 Update" article.

Visitor Comments:



I was pretty skeptical at first, you know watching the TV commercials got me intrested in Nutrisystem but I just wasn't convinced. Then a friend took the plunge and she started losing weight. I'm talking a lod of weight. Well, I needed to lose 40 pounds so I signed up. I'm real glad I did, cause I started losing right away-- 5 pound in my first week! I was hooked. The meals are nothing great but pretty OK and I liked the protein shake blended with some blueberries or strawberries. I lost the whole 40 pounds inside 3 months and I'm totally glad I went for it. Nice review, BTW!


I completed the Nutrisystem D plan 2 months and lost 18 pounds in 2 months on the plan. I liked most of the food, the desserts were way too nice to be diet food but I hated the meatloaf yuk! Anyhow, I ate all the food they sent me and used the add-on proteins and veggies and never felt hungry at all. It was a real easy diet and I didn't do anything else to help it aside from going for long walks each day. I recommended it to a friend and she's alreat lost 6 pounds in her first 2 weeks. Its great!

Mandy D

Hi there, thanks for this review. It helped me decide I should try this diet and in some ways I'm glad and in others maybe not. I wasn't too keen on the food, most of it is processed and I'm used to home cooked meals. I guess the transition isn't too easy for someone like me. The desserts were actually really good and I also liked the protein shake. I didn't feel hungry and I did lose weight. So I guess that's really why I'm glad I did it.

I lost 9 pounds in the first month, but I cancelled before the next month could start because the food wasn't really for me. Canceling wasn't too easy as it can only be done by phone, so if anyone else wants to know that, its good to know. But I'm pretty strong in that respect, so I just kept on at them until they accepted my cancellation. No real complaints, just wish it could've been better food for me.


Hey, this was a great diet for me. The food is really pretty good mostly and I lost weight! Its amazing I've tried every diet there is and could never lose any weight. But I started NS late last Fall and within the first week I'd dropped 3 pounds. It spurred me on and I kept that diet on for fully 4 months to lose a total of 42 pounds. I look great now and feel light and free of all that horrible fat! And I so far didn't put any weight back cause I eat senible food in small portions now. Am I happy? Yeah you bet!


I'm with Cheryl on this, I couldn't believe how easy I was losing weight with Nutrisystem. Like I was just eating and the weight was falling off. I weighed in every weekend and each time I saw a few pounds less than the week before. I stayed on it 3 months and lost 28 pounds in all. Totally amazing seen I never could lose weight with other diets like Weight Watchers or that horrible Atkins.

Those diets were expensive and a waste of time. Yea, not all the food was great, but it was a lot better than some diets I've been on and lost nothing. Nutrisystem was pretty cheap too compared to most... and it worked for me! Bottom line!!

Jessica A
I found our about Nutrisystem when I was watching TV probably like a lot of folks. I wasn't convinced about it then but one of the girls in my office tried it and told us all about it. She started losing weight and said the food was actually pretty good. I decided if she thought it was OK, then it must be worth trying, so I signed up.

A am so happy I made that decision. I started losing weight almost right away. It was tough at first getting used to eating such small meals, but I stuck at it. I stayed with the diet for a total 3 months and lost 33 pounds in all. That was so amazing! For all the folks worrying about that some folks say the food is bad, don't pay them any heed. It really is OK and more importantly, you lose weight!


I'm afraid I didn't do too well with Nutrisystem. I just could not get used to eating small meals no matter how hard I tried, I just always felt I wanted more. I've been a big eater all my life, probably why I've always been overweight. But these last years have seen my weight balloon till my doc said I was obese and I had to lose weight. I tried Nutrisystem cause so many people recommended it to me. But I had to quit cause I just always hungry. I lasted 3 weeks and yeah, I lost 18 pounds. But I was going crazy for food. I gave the rest away to my neighbor and went back to my old meals. I put all that weight back on in about 2 weeks and even more after that.

I read all the ways to lose weight, but I can't exercise cause I have rheumatoid arthritis pretty bad. So it has to be diet, but how can I eat low calories and still not feel hungry?


Arnold, I feel for you man, I really do. It's tough when you're physically limited by RA and have to totally turn your eating habits upside down to lose weight. But you have to try again. Maybe not with Nutrisystem if that was too tough for you, but get a diet sheet from a nutritionist and learn how you can still eat a lot of food but lose weight. You didn't mention what you eating, so I can only guess here, but if it includes a lot of bread, pasta or anything else based around refined white flour, these are the first things you totally must cut out.

Swap in lots of vegetables instead of bulky foods. You can and should eat lots of meat or fish if you're not vegetarian for the high protein value but also cut out potatoes if they are a big staple part of your diet. Its always going to be tough at first when changing your diet, but if its just the hunger thing that's bothering you, learn to bulk up on veggies. And drink lots of plain water too, especially before each meal as it will make you feel fuller for longer.


After working really hard and long hours at her job for the last four years, I realized that the many hours I spent sitting at a desk and eating a terrible diet of junk food all washed down with way too much soda had resulted in a much larger woman huffing and puffing along the road than I used to be. I had gotten out of shape and very much overweight and the sight of myself in the bathroom mirror made me decide it was time to reverse the trend. I knew that I needed to change my diet and then do some exercise or I would just keep getting bigger and more unhealthy as time progressed. So I decided to start with my diet and started reading up on the major diet companies to see which one would suit me best.

Nutrisystem was the one that stood out for me. So after reading some reviews online I decided to give it my best shot. I signed up and right away got into liking the food. I soon came to enjoy the structured way of eating and the smaller portions were not a problem. I started exercising and felt I had more energy than ever. I could visibly see the results in needing to buy smaller size clothes.

If anyone were to ask me if Nutrisystem works, I can now say with hand on heart that it worked for me and gave me a slim new body that I'm determined to keep from now on. No more junk food for me ever again!


That's a great story Mary. I can see you made a commitment to yourself by getting on with the exercising and never to going back to eating any processed junk food. This is a great commitment to make and one that will for sure be a winning one!


I was put off a lot by reading comments from people saying the food tasted terrible and others saying they suffered stomach cramps and horrible gas. Then there were loads of completely different comments from people that were successful and said the food tasted fine and they had no other physical problems. Who to believe!

Then I remembered my momma telling me when I was little that haters always shouted loudest while good, honest people spoke quietly if they spoke at all. I realized most if not all the commentors shouting about how bad the diet was were the failures and the types that always complained about everything. So I decided to try it for myself and let my own experiences tell me the truth. I ordered the Core for Women plan and was able to choose which meals I wanted and which I didn't.

The first thing that struck me was the food, while not being the best I ever tasted, turned out to be actually pretty OK. I didn't get any stomach problems or gas. I ate the food they sent while adding some vegetables to the main meals, making sure I drank a glass of water before each meal. I felt satisfied after every meal and didn't feel I needed to snack on anything. Long story short, in the first month I lost a total 14 pounds and was over the moon! I'm 3 weeks into my second order and have lost a further 8 pounds, plus my body has definitely gotten smaller because my clothes are all too big for me already!

I'll continue for another month to see if I can hit my soft goal of 30 pounds lost and you know something? I do believe I'll probably surpass that goal!

What I say to the complainers is you should stop whining and get with the plan and you'll be too busy losing weight to worry about writing hate letters to blogs and forums. Shame on you for nearly stopping me from trying what is turning out to be the best diet I ever did and thanks to my mom for teaching me a valuable lesson that helped me be a doer and not a whiner!


Hey Joyce, that's true success talking there. Congrats on your progress so far and good luck for the rest of your time with the program and how much additional weight you manage to lose overall.


I just completed three months on Uniquely Yours for Men and I'm really stoked. The food was a real surprise when I opened my first shipment. It was much better than I'd been hearing and the desserts seemed too good to be part of any diet! Overall, I lost a total 26 pounds. It might not sound as amazing as some of the reports I've been reading about, but to me it was a life changer. Going forward, I'm going to stick to eating smaller meals and I'm totally staying clear of all the junk I used to eat before I started this. And I do believe I won't miss any of it -- soda, pizza, hamburgers, donuts and all processed foods... including my old favorite snack, cookies are off my menu for the rest of my life. And I mean it! Doing Nutrisystem was the best thing I ever did. Period!


Hey Kyle, that is great to hear, especially the going forward plan. I believe if more people made that kind of commitment to turn their backs on junk, processed foods we'd start to see a turnabout in the obesity problem.

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