Mental Health

One of the largest and awe-inspiring of all human subjects is mental health. Since it makes up a sector of health in general, it has its place as a sector in this website, which is right here.

Now I don't claim to be an expert in this area of medical science by any means, but I do know a good deal about basic psychology and what makes us tick.

mental healthFor this reason, I'll be leaving alone those areas of this subject better dealt with in medical publications by those expertly qualified to give their advice.

What that leaves me with is still a rather large set of sub-topics that I can discuss and provide my own opinions on. Let's summarise which areas I can or cannot venture into for whatever reasons.

Clinical Psychology

I'll only touch on this side of the subject since it is better left to medical science to provide specific information on. This takes us into the realms of the medical practitioner who deals with problems of the mind (psychiatry) where I am not qualified to approach.

If you need expert advice on any clinical psychological problems you or someone you know may be suffering from, you should in all cases consult with your doctor and avoid self-diagnosis unless you are qualified to do so.

Environmental Psychology

This is an area that I can discuss and provide my own opinions and advice upon. We all live in our own environments and are affected by the things that are around us and that encroach into our own personal lives either in a positive or negative way.

There can be some generalization here, since it is better understood that a person's living habitat and location play an important role in their development and behavior. City dwellers are at a disadvantage compared with country dwellers for a number of reasons where the stresses of everyday life are concerned, yet there are advantages to living in either setting depending on what you choose to do for a living and how you choose to live your life.

Social Psychology

This is an area that literally describes how we as members of a civilized human race interact with each other as well as our environments and how that has an affect on our lifestyles and behavioral patterns. I can offer my own interpretations on certain aspects of this area of psychological health and provide resources and references where necessary.

The social aspect of how we live our lives has a massive impact on how we make our way along that winding road that is our individual journeys through life. Some things will help us along and make the path enjoyable and a little easier to navigate, while other forces are at work that can take some or all of the fun out of things, slow us down, or even derail us altogether.

Being able to identify what serves us and what does not serve us in terms of other people and situations is one way we can make the best of what we have to get to where we are going, whether we know where that is or not. Just to be clear, most of us don't have a clue where we're heading, so don't feel alone if you haven't nailed down what you life goal or ambition is just yet.

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To make it easier to take in this vast topic of human life, I have taken small sub-sections or sub-topics and published them in individual articles that you can read at your leisure. Please choose from the titles below which interest you:

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