Zumba Fitness DVD Review

People can read this Zumba Fitness DVD Review and find out how they can lose weight and get fit easily and quickly just by dancing to this great program at home.

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What is Zumba Fitness?

First of all, if you haven't already heard about this fantastic dance fitness craze that is sweeping the globe, here is your chance to find out what it is all about.

Getting fit to a DVD or video at home used to comprise watching a fading celebrity decked out in a tight leotard pumping her body in all directions to the orders of her personal trainer either on a deck by the beach or by the pool of her Californian beach mansion showing us all how easy it is.

Right, easy for her probably because she doesn't have to work a real job and can spend several hours every day working out and enjoying the pleasures of the money she made from a media career.

For most regular people, these DVDs were just a big slap in the face because they were virtually impossible to emulate and all you really wanted to do was to throw it in the garbage! An alternative needed to be found so that people could get fit at home working out to an instructional DVD that they could actually follow and do! Then came the Zumba Fitness DVD.

Zumba is actually a series of dance moves done along to some very exciting and invigorating Latin rhythms that just about anyone can do. The routines incorporate dance as an aerobic exercise, which in this guise really is.

The difference between this kind of dancing and regular aerobics is that the dance moves are easy to do but still get your breathing and heart rate up while making your muscles work hard to give you a truly full blown cardio workout that is fun and enjoyable to do. And you can combine it with a healthy diet incorporating good nutrition to really improve your fitness and health levels.

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