Walking for Fitness

One of the simplest exercises you can do to help boost your fitness levels is walking.

By that, I don't mean taking a leisurely five minute stroll round the block, but more like a good, brisk 30 minute walk that makes you feel like you are actually doing something positive and makes your body work a little harder than normal.

It can be a fun thing to do as well as being something that just about anyone who has the full use of their legs can do.

walking for fitnessThere are lots of places that you can walk to and it's best done in the daytime to take advantage of any sunshine or at least full daylight.

The reason for this is that getting prolonged exposure to full daylight increases the brain's release of the feel good hormone, serotonin, which makes us feel better and dispels any feelings of depression and lowness.

Better than Products

Despite what the advertisers of certain image enhancing products would have you believe, getting yourself out into the fresh air for a good healthy walk will do you far more good than taking diet supplements or pills. It will also make you look better than moisturizers or night creams or even a top product like Lorevive anti aging cream or the various skin enhancers out there because health and beauty comes from within.

And doing this simple yet effective exercise boosts that inner healthful energy that radiates outward.

In other words, it perks you up and makes you feel good. Also, breathing in fresh air boosts your body's ability to work and to metabolize the food you eat, leading to a more efficiently running body that is better equipped to burn fat rather than store it when you are eating a healthy diet.

Brisk Pace

The walking itself does need to be done at a reasonably brisk pace, but one that you are comfortable with. The whole idea is not to to make yourself overwork, but to work just enough to get your heartbeat going faster, your breathing rate increased and to feel like you are doing some light exercise.

You need to walk at this pace for at least 20 minutes so that your body will start to burn fat, which it does after 20 minutes of burning the sugars dissolved in your bloodstream, because after that period of time, the sugars become depleted and your body must replace them, which it does by taking fat and processing it back into burnable sugars.

So the longer you can walk at that faster pace for, the better for you because it will mean you burn more fat, which is one of the great fitness tips that work. Can you think of a better reason to get out into the fresh air and go for a long walk?