Recover From Injury With A Thera-Band FlexBar

If you are in need of a simple yet effective device to help you recover from a sports injury, this review of the Thera-Band FlexBar provides an option you could consider.

Injuries are the bane of the sports person's existence with chronic injuries potentially putting you out of action for weeks and even months at a time. For an otherwise active person this can be a very frustrating and debilitating situation to be in.

While going through the rehabilitation process there are some ways to speed the recovery process.

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A Simple Yet Effective Rehabilitation Tool

Exercise equipment and tools used to rehabilitate sore and damaged ligaments and muscles abound in the world of physiotherapy and remedial medicine. One of those tools is a seemingly simple piece of rubber around 12" in length known as a Thera-Band FlexBar.

The 4 different colors of this amazing device signify more than the chance to make a fashion statement. Although they can serve to liven the place up a little with the vibrancy they add to the room, the colors are a quick way of working out which one you should be using.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

In fact the different colors indicate the different levels of force necessary to bend and flex the bar when it is in use. The smallest is the yellow FlexBar at only 1-3/8" in diameter and requiring 6lbs of force to bend it.

The next in size is the red which is 1-1/2" in diameter and requiring 10lbs of force. The green bar is 1-3/4" in diameter and it takes 15lbs while the heavy duty bar is the blue one which is 2" in diameter and requires 25lbs of force to bend.

As your rehabilitation progresses you may have to move up from the lightest bar to a heavier one.

The History of the FlexBar

Originally, the Thera-Band FlexBar was used as a means of enhancing the grip strength and in the rehabilitation of wrist and forearm complaints. But recently it has been found to be very effective in the treatment of tennis elbow.

Research has found that daily exercises using the tool has led to people who were suffering from chronic tennis elbow were experiencing a fast reduction in the pain involved with their condition and a big improvement in the strength of their elbow. Using the tool and performing an exercise that has been termed the "Tyler Twist" has been found to be a very effective way of improving the condition and allowing you to maintain your fitness levels.

Suitable Therapies

There are a lot of different therapies that might be tried to combat complaints such as tennis elbow and some of them even have positive results. The point that makes using a FlexBar such a positive solution is that it is a cheap solution and it only requires a small amount of time each day to perform and get the results you are looking for.Amazon disclaimer

The risks are virtually non-existent which makes it a treatment that is definitely worth trying.