Running to Fitness

For many people when they think about a fit person, they create an image in their minds of someone in a track suit running through a park or through the streets or even along a beach.

The track suit is drenched in sweat and the runner looks determined and focused yet while they are breathing hard, they never seeming to be out of breath.

This is a common idea of a fit person and it is pretty close to the way things are when you take up running as your chosen chief means of exercise. It may not be the only exercise you do, but it will be the one you stick to religiously and do every day, usually at the same time of the day. So is it hard to get into jogging as a way of getting fit?

Finding Your Own Level

It depends on the person. Some people just warm to it straight away and soon find their own rhythm and stamina level. Other people just can't into running no matter how hard they try.

In fact, if it seems like you have to almost kill yourself to do it, then it may well not be the exercise for you. Then you should not simply give up on exercise, you just need to find the one that resonates with you personally.

If you do find that you enjoy a good run as an exercise form, then you will be giving yourself and your body a great booster for improving your fitness levels. Running needs to be done at the right pace for you that is comfortable while still making you feel like you are working moderately hard at it.

You don't need to over exert yourself by struggling to beat anyone else for speed or endurance as all that will get you is exhausted and less willing to go out and run the following day.

The Right Pace for the Right Time

The main point is to settle in to running at the right pace for your fitness level while keeping it up for the right amount of time to make it feel like you have actually achieved some additional fitness without burning yourself out or sustaining an injury.

Another point that I tend to keep banging on about but it is important, is to combine any exercise routine with a healthy, nutritional and balanced diet that provides all the nutrition that you need for a healthy body with sufficient energy and stamina to maintain a regular run at a level that will push you to greater heights.

It is far better to simply find your own comfort zone and stay in it. That means finding a comfortable pace that you can keep up for long enough to make the run worthwhile. As far as weight loss advice and tips that absolutely work go, this is a great one as long as you enjoy running it will help you to stay fit and maintain a good level of health.