How to Burn the Fat to Lose the Weight

It has become quite a high profile subject amongst those who are looking to lose some weight, but the topic of how to burn the fat to lose the weight seems to have taken center stage ahead of many other forms of weight loss.

This is especially so because to the health risks associated with visceral (or belly) fat.

fat-bellyBelly fat, as it is commonly known, accumulates mainly due to eating a diet rich in refined sugars, saturated fats and high Glycemic Index carbohydrates.

This is also quite pertinent when combined with leading a sedentary lifestyle.

The health problems associated with this condition are type 2 diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. This is why it is such an alarming development in a growing number of people who live in Western society.

So how do you get rid of that belly fat and how do you keep it off?

Busting The Pot Belly

Well, a change of diet is the first step in the right direction. Buy drastically cutting down on foods containing refined sugar you get the process underway.

Then by cutting back on saturated fats and substituting foods high in high GI carbohydrates to those high in low GI carbohydrates, you can really begin to make a difference. You will see bad HDL cholesterol levels drop along with triglyceride levels.

However, to really boost the process and get that fat burning process into high gear, you should start doing some form of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise routine. And then build up the length of time you do it each day until you are exceeding 20 minutes of sustained exercise.

Depleting Blood Sugar Through Sustained Activity

After 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, the body will have depleted the sugars in the bloodstream far enough to force the body to replace them by taking from its store of fat to enable your muscles to continue working at the rate they have been for that length of time. This process builds up over time as your level of exercise increases until you literally exercise your own body into becoming its own fat burning machine.

Over time, your will notice the levels of fat decreasing as your waistline starts to shrink.

This is the effect you want to have, so keep doing it and when all the fat is gone, don't stop! You will be able to keep this up as long as you retain your health.

Chances are you are very interested in knowing how to burn fat and lose weight easily and naturally. So the information contained in this article should point you in the right direction at least.

Always Start Slow and Work Your Way Up

Whatever you choose to go and however you choose to do it, always remember to start slowly. This is especially if exercise is new to you.

That's because to get the maximum success in the safest manner, you need to build your work rate up gradually. This is so you not only get the maximum benefit from what you are doing but that you also enjoy what you are doing along the way to your own weight loss achievement.

Gain Muscle and Lose Weight

If you ever thought about exercising as a means to lose weight, then you should take it seriously. That's because it is not only the most effective way to do that in the long term, but it is the best way of achieving that great, slim and toned body shape that your motivation for losing those extra pounds is directing you towards.

The main reason that exercise helps you to lose weight is because it forces your body to burn more of the calories that you consume through your food. But there is also an underlying reason for exercising and that is to build up your muscle bulk and strength.

By gaining muscle mass through exercise, you increase your body's ability to burn even more of the calories that you consume. That makes it more efficient at burning fat and subsequently losing the excess pounds.

To add to that great benefit is the fact that as the muscles get stronger, they firm up and in turn tone up your body. This produces that slim, svelte and lithe appearance so coveted by dieters and never quite achieved through that slimming, toning method alone.

More Reps Better Results

But you don't have to end up looking like a bodybuilder (unless you really want to) by exercising and building your muscle strength. You should aim for a more athletic look that is obtained by doing exercises with lighter weights or lower resistance apparatus (or doing aerobic exercises) with lots of repetitions.

Body builders do the opposite, by doing low reps of very heavy weights or high resistance apparatus combined with eating a high protein diet. But if you prefer to look more like a slim tennis player rather than Mr Universe, then you should exercise with lighter weights and do plenty of light exercises such as running, swimming, cycling or even going for long walks.

So choose your exercise types and get started as soon as possible, because when you gain muscle to burn fat, you are building a better looking and feeling body while achieving the lower body weight that you so desire.