Cycling for Fitness

There are a variety of very fine ways in which to exercise to improve your fitness levels as well as boost your health and lose weight if you need to.

I have already covered some of these here and in this and future articles, I will be looking at other ways in which you can exercise to improve your overall levels of fitness such as using the stairs to keep fit, that are relatively simple to do and that can be done by most people that are able to do physical activities.

I have also looked at walking for fitness as well as swimming, so there's plenty that can be done without doing rigorous exercises or going to the gym.

One of the great ways of making use of a fun sport to get that exercise is cycling and this is something that can be highly enjoyable as well as being extremely beneficial for anyone who prefers to be more mobile without having to run or jog.

Safety First

Buying a good bicycle is the first order of things as you will not only need a sturdy machine but one that is light enough to be easy to ride while having easy to use gears, pedals and brakes for safety. Also staying with the safety aspect, you should also get a good quality cycling helmet along with knee and elbow pads to help prevent injuries should you have the misfortune to come off.

On to the real thing and getting out of the house and onto the streets is not always as simple as it sounds. There are other road users that you really need to be cautious of, namely car and truck drivers, who generally have little respect for those on un-powered two wheelers. So you have to be doubly aware and on the lookout for dangers.

Cycling Builds Muscle Strength

But all that aside, the actual cycling process is a great form of exercise especially for your legs, thighs, backside and lower torso and will tone up and strengthen the muscles in those areas to improve your body's look. At the same time it will help you increase your metabolism to burn more calories as well as burn fat to reduce body weight while improving strength and stamina.

The other benefits of cycling include getting you out into the fresh air and sunshine to boost your body's production of vitamin D (which is linked with the weight loss process) and the feelgood hormone serotonin to lift your mood and give you more motivation to exercise more and keep at it!