The South Beach Diet Review

Did you know the South Beach Diet is a very popular and long established diet system that a huge number of people have great success with on a continuing basis?

When you learn more about it, you'll soon realize why this is such a successful weight loss dieting method.

The diet is effective because it highlights the difference between foods that contain what are considered to be good and bad carbohydrates. As the South Beach Diet is therefore not the typical low carbohydrate diet you may expect it to be, the selection of meals that you are allowed to eat really is vast.

south beach dietIt is this factor that people who go on this popular dieting program find easy to stick with, meaning the diet gives them a much better chance of successfully losing weight as a result.

What is The South Beach Diet?

Here is a really well structured and easy to follow dieting program that has been hailed as the next big thing since the Atkins diet amongst people who have been trying to lose weight. But you might wonder what all the fuss is about.

Well, this is where you'll learn the details of the popular and successful slimming plan in a plain, straight forward manner. After all, you want to lose weight and achieve that slim, trim figure to show off to your friends, right?

The Typical Low Carb Diet

Your body will use sugars such as glucose as its main energy source. Simple carbohydrates as sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly.

This is the reason high energy drinks provide you with that temporary energy boost as they're high in glucose.

The basic theory behind the typical low carbohydrate based diet is that when there is a shortage of this energy source (the carbohydrates) then the body will, alternatively, start burning fat as its energy source. Typical low carb diets don't factor in the difference between various carbs on the Glycemic Index (GI) as some are rated low (good) and others, high (bad).

What Makes The South Beach Diet Different?

What is it that makes this dieting method different from other meal replacement diets such as Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig?

The main idea with this particular structured weight loss program is for people to get slim and trim in a healthy way for the dieter. It differs from typical low carbohydrate diets by allowing the dieter to choose between good and bad carb foods and finding a healthy balance that is right for them.

So a dieter on the this program will tend to eat more fruit and things like whole grain bread when compared to those on the typical low carb diets. For this rason, the South Beach Diet is better balanced and healthier than many other low carb diets.

So instead of selecting only low carbohydrate foods, the main focus of this program is on how the foods you eat effect blood sugar levels. This is measured by the GI and this is how this diet differs from other typical low carb diets.

It shows you the difference between good and bad carbs by using their GI rating.

How Does The South Beach Diet Work?

The program is divided into three main phases. Each of these phases becomes less rigid in the selection of what you are allowed and not allowed to eat. By doing this, you can normally lose weight easier and at a faster rate while you're on an earlier phase because of its more strict rules than when on a later phase.

It is set out this way because no one wants to be stuck permanently on a strict diet. This is usually why many other diets fail. So to reduce the chances of failure, you will only be on the first phase which is the most strict for the first two weeks.

After that, you move up to the next phase which is less rigid and allows you to eat a larger variety of foods. To maintain a healthy body weight, you may also move between the different phases as you need to.

These separate phases are the basis for the South Beach Diet. For more information on how these are broken down and the foods that you are allowed to eat on each phase, you can find them explained in more detail by visiting their website by clicking HERE, or clicking one of the color posters on this page.