How to Restart a Stalled Diet

If you have ever found yourself stuck somewhere along a diet program and need to know how to restart a stalled diet, you're in the right place to get an answer that can help you!

When your diet is working well for you and you can visibly see the results happening by a constant reduction in what the scales are telling you, then everything is fine.

You just need to keep doing what it is that you are doing!

how to restart a stalled dietBut when you diet has stalled and you are simply not shedding any more weight no matter how hard you try, maybe the solution is to scrap the diet you are on and change to a different one. There are several reasons for doing this.

The main one is to give your body's digestive system a slight shock by changing what it has gotten used to for something that might wake it up again! Why this can be a very effective solution to a stalled weight loss program is not so much evident in the scientific process as much as the mental process.

Make the Change

What you are effectively doing when you completely change your diet is to jump start your mental attitude out of its comfort zone. This is where it has been happily used to what you have been eating and grown almost lethargic in its familiarity with what it has come to expect at meal times.

So by taking on a change of eating habits like for instance changing to a simple meal replacement diet, you suddenly throw a loud firecracker at your mind that makes it sit up and take notice!

The change usually needs to be sufficiently different from what you have been used to. This is so that your whole digestive process has to be reset to cope with a completely different set of foods.

Low Carbs, High Carbs

So if your old diet was a low carb, high protein kind of diet which is very popular, then switch it to include more low glycemic (GI) carbs and cut proteins while increasing beneficial fats and fiber. If you have been following an Atkins style diet that omits a whole group of vegetables and fruits, then include all those you have been avoiding, while cutting out a big part of the meats and fats.

It can even be desirable to go with one of the affordable meal replacement home delivery diet programs such as Medifast, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem to make the process as easy and hands-off as possible.

Whatever your current diet is made up of, change as much of it as you dare without of course adding any high glycemic (GI) simple carbohydrates or saturated (trans) fats. These things tend to be counterproductive!

And make sure that you keep the calorie count within the bounds of where you are already keeping it. You may just surprise yourself at the sudden change in your weight for the better as your body suddenly has to cope with a different set of foods that it has grown used to.

A change is as good as a rest, they say. When it comes to dieting the right way, that can also be very true!