Dieting and the Power of Imagery

If you ever lacked the willpower or the motivation to get started on a weight loss diet or start a fitness program to improve your physique and level of health, reading this may put some great ideas into your head.

That's because this article looks at the power behind images to boost enthusiasm and sheer motive force to get started or to move forward once you've gotten started on the program or health solution of your choice.

power of imageryIt's fairly common for people who want to start a diet to lose weight or make some improvements to their physical health to resort to reading many written articles on the subject in order to gather knowledge and gain a better understanding of what they will be getting into.

This is certainly to be encouraged for anyone who wants to give themselves that extra chance of succeeding where others who fail to educate themselves properly are likely to fail.

The Visual Angle

But there is another area of research that can be extremely powerful in helping a person to get motivated and enthusiastic about their diet. That involves the use of images to promote the feeling of eagerness to succeed which is so necessary to steer the dieter along the straight and often narrow path that leads to a slimmer and healthier physical body.

This is where websites such as Pinterest can be really helpful, as this example clearly highlights for those choosing to lose weight with Nutrisystem as their diet solution: In that example, not only are there many images of great looking meals that can spur a person on to greater success with their diet, but there are also many info graphics that are simple images containing a short, concise but often powerful message of encouragement. This can work no matter what the program chosen, so if you decided upon another meal delivery diet program such as Medifast, Jenny Craig, Diet-to-Go or Bistro MD for example, the results can be enhanced to a degree by using visual stimulus to motivate.

The Power of Images

This kind of visual impact encouragement is very powerful in motivating a person to strive for greater results and to work toward getting them, whether they be for food management, fitness and exercise discipline or any other form of health improvement. It excels in inspiring where simple textual explanation can only inform and educate.

The messages themselves don't need to be elaborate or education even. The biggest and most poignant impact is best made with short, to the point messages that hit home an ideal or a motivational concept. This can actually spur the reader on to greater heights than simply reading text can ever do in all health areas, whether it is for weight management, colon health, specific methods of anti aging, improving means of personal hygiene or whatever a person happens to be trying to do.

But why is this?

The Way We Sense and Absorb Information

The reason is that we are driven by our senses that absorb information and the principal sense is our sight. When we are confronted with a visually stimulating image, it is imprinted on our conscious thoughts right away and if the message that it imparts is sufficiently empowering, it takes root in the subconscious much more readily than the slower to absorb text can.

Visual messages simply pack more of a punch because our eyes see it all in one go, whereas reading text takes time and many horizontal eye scans to get the message to our brains for processing. That means a well composed info graphic can reach a dieter and get them fired up to succeed faster and more effectively than an article, such as this one could possibly do!