About Us

You have found the "About Us" page of the HealthinGeneral.com website which explains what the site is all about and who is behind the creation and publishing of its content.

Welcome to Health in General. So what is this all about?

The website is focused on providing well researched and factual information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how easy it actually is to do that. The information is published in a collection of separate articles that cover the various aspects of the subject of a person's healthfulness and well being.

So who is behind this site? The webmaster, writers and publisher have vast experience in nutrition and diet along with a medical background from one of our contributors, retired family doctor Dr Perez. However, this is not meant as a medical guide or tutorial and information herein should not be taken in place of advice from your own doctor who will know you personally and be familiar with your own medical history.

On the side of healthiness, diet and nutrition, we provide useful information and advice that you may take on board. But again, we stress that the advice from your own medical professional should always take precedence.

We don't make any crazy claims. We just tell it like it is.