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Health in General looks at all aspects of maintaining a healthy style of life from diet to fitness and weight management. You have probably heard it all before, but there is a lot of truth to the fact of living a healthy lifestyle equaling a greater level of happiness and self satisfaction while in many cases prolonging life expectancy through experiencing lower levels of stress and fewer bouts of illness.

The human body is designed to be able to metabolize a wide range of different foods while converting the energy processed from those foods into physical activity that allows us to exercise, run, walk, jump, work and move things around. It makes a lot of common sense to keep that body in as healthy and fit a state as possible so the person can do as much of what they want to do as they are physically capable of doing.

So why do so many people shun a healthy way of life and carry on with their unhealthy and often damaging habits?

Many people look upon a healthy lifestyle as having to sacrifice living they way they want for eating nothing but rabbit food and working out every day. They think they will have to give up all the conveniences and niceties of their current way of life for a hard, exacting and restrictive regime with no freedom of choice. But nothing could be further from the truth!

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